Ads on bikes


What is it?

AdsOnBikes is a bicycle-based advertising service which opens up a whole new market that benefits everyone. It provides the opportunity for cyclists to earn money while giving local businesses a chance to reach the market in a whole new way.

The service is completely free for cyclists to use. What you need to do as a cyclist is simply to join the site and provide the necessary information. After you have been assigned an advertiser you will get a package with the the ad sent to your home. Put on the ad and then you are all set!

You do not even need to be cycling to make money. It is enough to put the cycle in high populated places and let the money roll in.

Does it cost me anything to apply?

Absolutely nothing.

How much do I earn?

The salary will vary. It could be because:

How frequently you park / ride your bike.
If the bicycle is parked in a busy area or not.
Which day and time.

Three examples of possible scenarios:

"Anna parks her bike everyday at school, this gives her around $100 each month."

"Peter lives nearby to the town square and parks his bike where lots of people are walking.
This can give Peter more than $100 each month."

"Bill doesn't use his bike on a daily base, but sometimes he takes his bike to meet up with friends in the city. Even through his bike is rarely used, this can give him around $400 a year."

This is why AdsOnBikes is amazing, because these people would have continued to do the same thing, without getting paid. AdsOnBikes gives the possibility to get money at the same time.

What do I need to start?

A bike and internet connection.

When do I start?

There are three different extent of advertisements.
If the advertiser wants to be reached globally, in one country or in one particular city.
If there are not enough bikers in your city for advertising, you will have to wait for more bikers to sign up.

You can even recruit people for more bonus income!

In the meantime, you can still get global offers or offers for your country.

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Remember to always wear a helmet when riding your bike!

If you got other questions, please send us a message here.