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Accepting payment

The invoice and payment requests will be issued on your "Earnings" page, the first day of each month for your earnings paid by advertisers.

You need to validate every invoice and payment request to receive your payment.

The process is quite simple:

1. Please make sure that your bank details have been fully completed in the "Account" page

2. Open the invoice (click on the month concerned)

3. Insert your invoice number in the box at the bottom

4. Continue and finish.

The minimum billing amount is $30 (equivalent for each currency). If you haven't reached that minimum amount, your earnings will stay pending until further notice.

In rare cases in which the advertiser can not pay after the campaign have been completed, payments cannot be made.

It may take a few days for your parkings and rides to be shown in your "Earnings" page. But do not worry, they will be there in time.

Trust & Safety

At AdsOnBikes, we take the safety of our users very seriously. If you believe you have discovered a possible security vulnerability on our website or on our app, please help us to fix it as quickly as possible by reporting your findings to us. Publicly disclosing a vulnerability can put the entire community at risk, so we urge you to keep matters private until a fix can be rolled out from our side.

Reporting Issues

If you believe you have found a security vulnerability on AdsOnBikes, please let us know right away via email to

Please include as much information as possible in your report, including a way for us to reproduce the issue.

We will confirm receipt of valid reports within 24 hours.

Account Safety

A strong password is important to keeping your information safe. A safe password often include:

Is at least eight characters long.

Does not contain your user name or your real name.

Does not contain a complete word.

Includes characters from different category. (Upper and lower characters, numbers and special characters)

AdsOnBikes will never ask you to provide us with your password or sign-in credentials.

We will never give your information to other companies.


Accepting an offer

After entering all the necessary information you are ready to begin. When an advertiser is ready to hire you , an offer will appear on your home page (Under the tab "offers"). You can then choose to accept the offer. If you have entered all the required information you will have to confirm that a package will be sent to your address. When the package has arrived, it is simply to start! Further instructions will be found in the particular offer.



AdsOnBikes offers another way of making easy money. If you refer a person who also starts to make money. You will get three percentage from the referred persons earnings each month. (the referred person won't lose any earnings being referred, the extra money is added on top of his/her earnings)

There's no limitation on how many people you can refer. So you could basically, with enough referred people, make money doing nothing. You do not even have to own a bike!

Supporting us

Likes and Shares on Facebook and Twitter will give you an increase in your salaries when you cash out. This bonus salary will be active until you have made your first cash out.

If the bonus do not increase after 24 hours after liking or sharing us, you should contact support because your action might not have been executed correctly.


The Ad

Depending on which type of bike you own, instructions on how to put on your ad varies. An explanation will be delivered along with the ad.

The App

Yes, we're currently working on an app. More information will come soon.

Remember to always wear a helmet when riding your bike!

If you got questions, please send us a message here. We will answer as soon as we can!